Sophia in English: Facebook decides we must show solidarity with France

FACEBOOK DECIDE QUE TENEMOS QUE SOLIDARIZARNOS CON FRANCIA / Sophia in English: Facebook decides we must show solidarity with FranceThis article has been translated from its original version. To read it in Spanish click here.

This past weekend we witnessed terror, a new brutality committed against human beings, this time in France. We were all shocked. We all wanted to show disgust with these terrorist acts and our solidarity with the victims. That’s logical. We needed to channel our the shock these abhorrent acts provoked within us. We wanted to show what side we were on. Social media, especially Facebook, quickly became a platform for this. And Facebook knew it, so they developed a filter to help us show our support. They thought it would be a good way to show their solidarity with France. No one could be against that.

Nonetheless, half the world revolted against the idea, showing their perplexity and anger. To some it seemed as if Facebook was acting as the new Messiah, telling us who we should be obliged to show solidarity with. It’s understandable. Even though the filter’s purpose was to show solidarity, it still excluded others. Surely Facebook’s actions were born of good intentions, as the didn’t want to remain silent when the events had affected so much of society. But the bad part is they decided to act…

Here we are going to show solidarity with Paris (all of our love and thoughts are with them) but we failed to keep in mind that a few days before there was a brutal attack in Beirut, paradoxically known as the Paris of the Orient, and a few weeks before a plane tragically crashed, or that more than 100 died in Ankara during a protest against terrorism; or that a few months before there was an attack against the only democracy during the first arab spring – Tunez – or against the university in Nairobi. And what about Syria…

For those who wish to show solidarity with all, for those who are angry with Facebook, we have created filters of flags of some of the countries who have suffered some of the most brutal terrorist attacks, so that we have the liberty to show solidarity with anyone we believe we should, not only those which are imposed upon us.

Simply copy the images (not copyrighted) and put them on top of your profile picture-for example using a platform like power point. They are transparent so the will have the same effect as a Facebook filter. Go to save image as, and then you have your new profile picture.

Bandera EgiptoBandera LíbanoBandera TurquíaBandera TunezBandera Kenya









As a matter of fact, we already made a few, such as Rajoy, Obama, Trump, and Zuckerburg, using their Facebook profile pictures.

Donald Tramp EgipcioMark Zuckerberg LíbanoBarack Obama TurquíaMariano Rajoy TunezEnrique Peña Nieto Kenya









Note: We have not developed an app because we do not want to collect photos or for you to think this is an excuse to capture photos or know who used which flag… It’s a little more effort for you, but also completely safe for you.

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