Sophia in English: Could These Apps Be in Your Future?

Sophia in English_Could These 4 Apps Be In Your Future_NikkiApps come in all forms, from completely useless (ever heard of the I am Rich app?) to fully integrated in our lives (Whatsapp, anyone?). It can be dizzying to try and keep up with all the new apps released every day, and even more so if you’re trying to figure out which ones will actually be useful.

After scouring the app store, we found some cool up and coming  apps that could very soon make their way into all of our lives, for their usefulness or as more exciting alternatives to what’s on the market. While some are in the very beginnings of the startup stage, others are expanding quickly. Maybe you’re already a user of one of these. Either way, keep an eye on these.

The four Apps


A small startup created at the University of Michigan could be the future of safety. Companion wants to makes sure you make it home safely and never feel alone along the way. For all the times we text our friends and let them know we made it, this could put everyone at ease.

The simple app allows you to designate a companion, and then that person can see in real time your progress towards your destination on a map. Then, your friends or family become your virtual companions on your way there. It even comes with an “I feel nervous” feature, which notes the area that made you feel uncomfortable and can help other users know where questionable parts of town are. If there is an emergency, there is a “call police” button.

For the times when we go out with friends, and part ways in the early morning hours, we could simply designate each other as virtual walking buddies, and be sure everyone made it home safely.


It’s estimated there are 600,000 dogs living in Madrid alone. For many, dogs are just as much a part of the family as their siblings are. Which is why a new app gaining popularity in the United States could grow in Spain as well.

Finding Rover is a lost pet finder. It uses facial recognition for dogs to help reunite lost pets with their owner. Simply create a profile for your dog by taking its picture, and their system keeps it on file. Then if your dog is ever lost, an alert is sent to those nearby you, and if someone finds your dog, they simply take a picture of the dog and Finding Rover’s facial recognition will match the dog with its profile and give the finder your contact information.

The more extensive the network of Finding Rover users becomes, the more easier finding lost pets becomes. With 7 million dogs lost every year, this could be an important app to have.


Following Snapchat’s lead, Cyber Dust aims to take advantage of disappearing messages. The app, made by American billionaire Mark Cuban, allows users to send messages without any digital footprint. Messages are not saved to any server or hard drive, so once they have been read, they disappear forever. The app also prevents screenshots.

What could make Cyber Dust more appealing than Snapchat or Whatsapp? Cuban argues it’s more secure. In an age where people are haunted by their digital shadows, and nothing seems to ever be permanently erased, many digital consumers are craving a way to communicate openly without it coming back to bite in the future. As much as people love to share, they also crave privacy and the comfort of knowing what they choose to share will stay with only the people they chose to share it with. Period.


There are many opinions about the online dating world. Some say it’s killing courtship, while others say it’s making finding romance easier than ever before. But for those who are tired of Tinder, there may be an app for you.

Happn wants to bring back the a more human part of dating to the online world–chance. The French made app is simple, it tracks your location, and when you open it, it lets you know all the other users you have crossed paths with. Then at the end of your day, you can browse your potential matches, and if there is mutual interest, you will be able to message the other person.

Happn believes you miss out on many connections simply because you couldn’t stop to talk, or maybe you were too busy rushing off the subway to notice the person standing next to you. Your potential matches are gathered in the same way they would be in real life–simply by being in the same place at the same time.

These apps are making a splash in the app store and filling key needs or innovating their field. While you may not have heard of them yet, watch for these rapidly expanding apps to start becoming popular near you too.

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