Sophia in english: AshleyMadison, the site for infidelity by “the most hated man on the Internet”

Online dating is slowly becoming the new frontier. In a more busy and rushed world, people have less time to meet people or even put in the effort to meet someone. Instead, dating sites like eHarmony and have developed algorithms to get rid of all that effort. Instead of going out to bars with the hope of meeting that special someone, a computer puts it all together for you! However, now a new site is on the frontier, a site for infidelity, according to Mashable.

The site is called AshleyMadison and is the idea of Noel Biderman, who was billed as “the most hated man on the Internet”. Biderman believes his site will be a success because some sort of societal change is coming. Recently, he launched his site in South Korea, where adultery is illegal. Naturally, he got banned, but many meetings and delegations, the South Korean Supreme Court overturned the law. In the article, Biderman also said that the United States’ possible next president has experienced infidelity. If one of the most powerful people in the world has gone through this, people will need to start treating it differently.

Now, Biderman does have a point, there is an infidelity market out there, because there is a market out there for any product. However, he needs to change his message if he ever wants to really get his project off the ground. He has had to move from Canada to New York and now to London due to the lack of social morality his site possesses. The problem lies in what he is calling it: a site for infidelity. Infidelity is literally being unfaithful, and trust and faithfulness are two of the biggest components of any relationship. Biderman is suggesting that his site is just a one way street, and making it easier for couple’s to be unfaithful to each other. It is one matter entirely if both partners feel equally that they should have an open relationship, it is another matter entirely when the feel is not mutual.

Biderman claims that the infidelity industry is a billion dollar one, with hotels, jewelry companies, florists, and restaurants all profiting from it. There is one fatal flaw in his logic: all of those businesses also serve for other purposes as well. Unless he comes up with a better marketing plan or change of his company’s message, AshleyMadison will never get off the ground.

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