EleXpertoDigital|Matthew Dodd: “Spain needs to seize the day & fully embrace the digital opportunity with both hands”

La mejor forma de hablar de internet, ecommerce y las nuevas tecnologías es en boca de expertos del sector…

Expertos como Matthew Dodd, Head of Marketing Effectiveness en The Nielsen Company, un especialista con muchos años de rodaje en Insight & Analytics además de un referente en el sector digital y un  modelo a seguir para todo aquel que esté interesado en saber cómo obtener la máxima rentabilidad para su negocio en un entorno que no para de cambiar.

New ImageHow did your professional journey in digital start?

M.D.: I started at News Corporation in 1999 when I was part of the digital launch team for the Sun newspaper. We launched the Sun as an ISP & also launched a football & an auction site. They all ultimately crashed as part of the “dot gone” crach but it wetted my appetite for all things digital.

Thinking in your professional experience so far ¿What milestones have you really experienced?

M.D.: Being part of the Sun launch team; helping the telegraph newspaper transition from a print to a multi-media organization; and helping our clients at Nielsen to better capitalize on the digital opportunity in terms of on-line marketing & commerce.

Nowadays, many companies are trying to drive into a real business digitalization. How would you advise them?

M.D.: Get the basics right. The internet was established to empower people so give people access to your brand whenever they want it & on whatever platform they want it on.  We did some research in Spain a couple of years ago & consumers stated that they felt it strange when brands don’t have a digital presence & their overall perception about the brand was much more negative.


How do you release innovation to Nielsen?

M.D.: This is tough for a 91 year old company but at Nielsen we believe that technology can help us to transform us into a more digital company – so we can better help our clients make business decisions with new levels of speed, flexibility, integration and openness.

Which country is your digital reference? What does it make that different to others?

M.D.: I don’t think we should think about geographical boundaries since this was not the World Wide Web was intended to do but when it comes staying abreast of the latest developments then the US & China remain the key geographies in terms of digital innovation & commercialization.

What is your opinion about Spain? Talking digital words obviously…

M.D.: Spain needs to seize the day & fully embrace the digital opportunity with both hands. My feeling is that it is a follower rather than leader in the field of digital.

When you take off your “digital expert suit”, who is Matthew Dodd?

M.D.: I would love to say Sir Bradley Wiggins but I am not fit enough.

We are getting ready next interview. And need your help. Tell us one question you always wanted to respond?

M.D.: Who is my role model?

Great! Tell us a colleague we should address that question?

M.D.: Jon Gibs 

And finally, taking into account it is Friday, could you suggest us a good plan for this weekend?

M.D.: Cut down on tech & don’t let the weekend drift into “nothingness” make sure you plan something fun & different from the daily weekday grind.


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