Sophia in English: The Best Ways to Communicate While Traveling


The Best Ways to Communicate with Friends and Family while Overseas

Everyone enjoys the comfort of their own home. However, eventually a day will come when you get tired of the usual safety and you wish to explore the world. Traveling overseas is exciting, but sometimes it may be overwhelming. It is important to remember where you came from and to communicate with your friends and family at home that will miss you very dearly.  Technological trends are not the same in every country, but there are still easy ways to communicate with all parts of the world.  These are a few of the best tools and apps that are ideal for communicating with your loved ones when you are off on your international adventures.

5 easy ways to communicate


When the text message rates surge too high for a frugal traveler, WhatsApp is available to save your wallet from the extra charges. A messaging app that is designed to replicate normal SMS messaging, WhatsApp makes the transition easy when communicating with friends across the ocean.

With a user friendly interface that is very easy to get used to, this app is the most commonly used messaging app for travelers. It comes equipped with location sharing, so that you will not get separated from your travel companions. Also, WhatsApp makes it very clear when a message is successfully sent or when the message has failed to send. This is an important attribute when abroad because of the sporadic and sometimes weak internet connection.


An application that seems to be lesser known internationally, but specifically here in Spain, GroupMe is an underrated communication method. With a similar concept to WhatsApp, GroupMe works as a SMS simulator that connects to Wi-Fi and the internet in order to avoid any text message charges from your provider.

The name indicates its best feature, which is the ease in which one can create group chats with as many friends or family members as desired. It is not always easy to keep every different person updated by individually messaging them with all the cool sights and stories you have accumulated. However, GroupMe consolidates these conversations in to one and forms a community message. Moreover, GroupMe has the ability to ´like´ any particular message; this proves useful when trying to create plans with a large group, for they can express their interest in a proposed idea by ´liking´ the message.


What better way to converse with the people that you miss than to talk to them face to face. Facetime video chatting is the closest thing to an in-person human conversation that a cellphone can offer. The thousands of miles between you and your family do not seem so distant when you can see their immediate reactions in real time. Most of all, Facetime is an application that is automatically installed in every iPhone, making it the most convenient video chatting method.


Facebook Messenger

Facebook is still alive and well within the social networking community. The demographic of Facebook users is spreading to the younger crowns and even (for better or for worse) to more elderly age groups. Facebook is equipped with an easy to use messaging feature which is available as a separate application on mobile devices.

It is not always easy to collect the phone numbers of every new friend you meet along the way during your abroad travels. Facebook solves this problem by being able to communicate with new people if you simply remember their name and can confirm their aesthetic in their profile picture. Probably the most tenured and yet relevant social media page, Facebook is one of the most reliable social media sites for overseas communication.


Good old fashion text messaging; if you have managed to find a cheap data plan that will not take up too much of your travel funds, iMessage and regular SMS texting is a reliable fallback. It is not always easy to connect to Wi-Fi or coordinate a mutual messaging app among family or friends. When trying to communicate with people from your home town, they are often not exposed to these alternative messaging apps, so iMessage is always a solid and safe bet to stay in contact throughout the day.

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